Refurbished Tablets


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September 30, 2013:
Refurbished tablets are popular on expensive models, but some are so cheap you can just buy them new.


Warranty Details:

Refurbished tablets often come with manufacturer warranties.

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Refurbished does not always mean repaired or recalled.

Refurbished tablets often are sold at a deep discount, even if they never originally left the box. Tablets and pads like the iPad often get recalled to correct a firmware or software issue, or may be taken back for touch-ups if a problem was noticed in a number of units. Most often, pads and other computers are sent back because the user was not able to figure out the device and claimed that it was broken rather than admit to technological incompetence. Manufacturers then inspect the units, make repairs if necessary, and then send them out to wholesalers and retailers for a substantial discount. In a lot of cases you can get refurbished tablets for hundreds of dollars less than new models, with the same software, touch screen capacity, Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G connectivity that you would be getting if you got the new unit. Better yet, you can get the upgraded version for less than the cost of a new unit and your friends don't need to know that they bought a new tablet for full markup while you got the same thing for much less.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: If your refurbished tablet computer does not come with a warranty, you may want to see about getting additional coverage, since these items do occasionally break and their small nature makes them more difficult to fix. Your kid also might mistake it for a frisbee.